The Truth and the Lie: Gender and Sexuality


Acts29 OC is hosting a FREE Training Event with Peter Jones on Thursday, October 8th. The event will be called, “The Truth & The Lie About Gender & Sexuality.”


  • 3:00pm Pastors Training
  • 5:00pm Pastors Dinner & Q&A
  • 7:00pm Church-Wide Training


Village Church of Irvine
77 Post
Irvine, CA

The Pastors Training will focus on issues related to sexuality, its impact on pastors, our leaders, and the church. Peter will address our response to current cultural shifts, etc. We’ll serve afternoon coffee, etc. We’ll meet in our HUB.

The Pastors Dinner & Q&A will be a catered dinner with Peter. During this time we’ll have more time for lengthly Q&A, and time to interact with Peter personally and collectively on related topics. HUB again.

The Church-Wide Training will take similar material we engage in the Pastors Training and apply it to our congregants and our churches at large. Peter will reinforce things you’ve likely been affirming, and encourage your people in some deeper ways as well. For this part, we’ll gather in our sanctuary. (77 Post, Irvine)

We hope to see you there!