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Biblical Counseling & the Land of the Rising Sun

Since 2017 Christ Community Church, one of our Gospel Coalition churches, has been laboring for the gospel in the nation of Japan. The Biblical Counseling Coalition took an interest in the work that is being done there and decided to post this two-part article that Ric Rodeheaver, the senior pastor at CCC has written. If you are interested in missions, biblical counseling ...

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3 Reasons to Take Your Children to Funerals

Should you take your child to a funeral? Conventional wisdom would say no. Parents are supposed to provide positive experiences for their children and protect them from dark realities, right? And a funeral (if we even call them that anymore; “memorial service” sounds less ominous) are certainly a dark reality. But while the impulse to protect or shield our children ...

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Fighting the Christmas Blues

Pastor, if you are anything like me, you get pumped for Christmas. My advent season always starts off on a note of optimism. You are hopeful that the neighbors you’ve been inviting to your church for months finally come to one of your Christmas Eve Services. This could be the year when all those PTA relationships that your wife has been cultivating might bring some ne...

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The Truth and the Lie: Gender and Sexuality

Acts29 OC is hosting a FREE Training Event with Peter Jones on Thursday, October 8th. The event will be called, "The Truth The Lie About Gender Sexuality." Timeline: 3:00pm Pastors Training 5:00pm Pastors Dinner QA 7:00pm Church-Wide Training Location: Village Church of Irvine77 PostIrvine, CA The Pastors Training will focus on issues related to sexuality, ...

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An Invitation to Our Women's Conference

As a woman who serves in full-time vocational ministry I consistently talk with women who are broken and hurting. Marriages are struggling, women are gossiping, children are rebelling, sin is persisting...the list goes on. I consistently find myself thinking, “I just can’t keep up.” There are so many needs that I often come home at night feeling overwhelmed and con...

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10 Ways to Minister Well at a Small Church

We live in a day and age where many assume that if you are ministering well in a small church, it won’t stay small for long. Many see small churches as a stepping stone or a low rung on a ladder that must be climbed up for “bigger” or “better” or even “greener” pastures. I don’t buy it....

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Welcome to Our New Website

It's finally here. We're thrilled to unveil the new and refreshed site design for The Gospel for OC. ...

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Your Invitation to the O.C. Orphan Summit

Friends, I wanted to let you know about an upcoming Orphan Care Summit that Faith Bible Church will be hosting next weekend. We are holding the Summit on Saturday, Nov. 1st, the same weekend as International Orphan Sunday. In the past, we have held a number of Orphan Care events at FBC, but generally aimed at our body. This year we would like to branch out and make this e...

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Why Tremble?

Many have sought to write off the fear in this passage by calling it “reverence” for God, and by calling reverence for God “respect.” If that’s the case though, why tremble? I have never seen a person tremble out of respect, but I have seen many tremble out of fear....

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Where Do You Get Your Truth?

In many Christian circles, there is an abundance of resources going around--"from new hot topics to the latest book or sermon series. In all of this, we may forget to go back to the all-powerful, transforming Word of God that is sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Sometimes we do not intentionally neglect it, but rather we begin looking to other ‘Christian�...

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