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What Does Nicea Have to Do with Geneva?

When it comes to the debate about God’s sovereignty, there is a common caricature that goes something like this: Calvinists are all about God’s power while non-Calvinists are all about God’s love. Some scholars have even branded their non-Calvinism “relational theism” to set their loving God apart from the relationally challenged power-God of Calvinism. Sure Ca...

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I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel!

Romans 1:16 has always been one of those verses that calls for a particular pause in my life. I know the God I believe in, and I am overwhelmingly thankful for my new life in Christ. And yet there is often a conviction in not responding to others in a way that truly reflects the joy that has welled up in my heart....

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Christian, You Are Already a Man After God's Own Heart

Most of us, at one point or another, have pointed to 1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 zealously declaring we should be men after God's own heart just like David! This is a mistake....

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More Than Salvation?

Grace lovers everywhere, hear this: God’s grace brings about obedience. Not only that, but our joy is wrapped up in this divinely empowered obedience....

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The Power That Creates New Life from Dead Things

There are times when certain people say things that are so theologically loaded that the significance of what they have said can fly right by us. Here in "The O.C.", I think we're all a bit more guilty than many of being too busy to take the time to unpack these words that we hear. You know the kindthe ones that feel a little bit like a punch to the stomach. Paul Washer i...

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